Track Values & Principles


Integrity and relationship are the core values on which we have based our thinking, our solutions and our business. We live these values through three distinct commitments, to:

  • Continuity & Sustainability: 
We design and develop software. We add value to users of our applications by implementing corporate-wide systems, delivering timely upgrades, providing structured in-house training at all levels, and focussing on our clients’ long-term HR performance. We are committed to the sustainability of our clients’ HR and Development capabilities.
  • Honesty: 
In a highly-competitive corporate world, professional honesty and ethics can easily sometimes be overlooked by some. We believe all our stakeholders deserve clarity. Clarity on our client terms and conditions, clarity on supplier engagements, clarity on employee terms and benefits. Knowing exactly where each party stands on contracts and projects is key to our Integrity & Relationship principle.
  • Respect: 
We believe everyone deserves respect – clients, partners, employees and suppliers. We are committed to providing an excellent working environment for our employees, based on mutual respect and high professional standards.