Simple and easy to use, fully customisable online platform for all your 360 Degree Feedback. Use Track 360 for engaging your people, understanding workplace culture and enhancing learning and development.

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Track 360: Key Information

  • Multi-purpose system, all your 360 needs in one place
  • Fully customisable, can be branded
  • Add your own 360 questions
  • Multiple uses: works for all your people at every level
  • Supports learning and development
  • International system with multi-language options
  • Desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile friendly
  • Trusted by +200 companies

Supporting Management Excellence at Fujitsu with Track 360

Track 360 has been developed for creating and delivering 360 Degree Feedback that is completely tailored to your organisation’s needs. It’s easy to configure and simple to use.

Track 360 meets your organisation’s leadership and management objectives by linking directly to the organisation’s key performance indicators, as well as core behaviours, values and success criteria. It’s an adaptable system and will support all your bespoke feedback needs including skills assessments, change management, talent identification and tracking and succession planning.

360 Degree Feedback is an essential, valuable element of leadership and management development programmes. It helps individuals to clearly identify their strengths and areas for development and to track their progress and learning over time. The data can also help to identify skills or leadership areas for development across the whole organisation or specific groups, allowing you to target investment, training and other activity.

Your people get feedback on what matters, your organisation benefits from a 360 that helps you understand and measure the true value and potential of your people.

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“My job is to make sure that our management community are much more capable than the management community of our competitors. With Track 360, we don’t just get snapshots, one off, personal development plans. What we have is an annual 360 Feedback evaluation tool which year on year allows us to track our results and to see the differences between those results.”

David Curran, Fujitsu Services

“We use Track 360 Feedback to help our managers to understand how they need to develop themselves to manage clients, teams and engagements more effectively.”

Gill Todd, Learning Leader, EY

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