Key features

  • Teamworks enables teams to get 360 Degree Feedback from customers and colleagues
  • Gives teams the ability to give useful feedback to the team leader
  • Analyses behaviours, skills and attitudes
  • Helps teams to understand their performance and develop targeted solutions
  • Monitors and measures improvements and changes in team performance across organisations

Leading organisations depend on their high-performing teams, in order to thrive and succeed. Maintaining a consistent, high-performing record is however both an art and a science. It requires careful crafting and measurement, with continuous assessment along the way. With language, cultures and local dynamics to contend with, leaders need to be in full control of the increasingly global and fluid nature of their teams. From global organisations to virtual businesses, managing international teams is now an everyday management imperative.

TEAMWORKS from TRACK is a 360 feedback software tool that keeps a keen eye on teams – local, global and virtual.

Engaging, customisable, and flexible, TEAMWORKS empowers both team leaders and team members, enabling them to give and obtain feedback, maintaining team motivation. A powerful 360 assessment tool, it is designed to deliver concise, relevant information on team performance and dynamics.  It tracks team relationships, motivation and performance, and can be customised to the organisation’s goals and priorities. And it can be customised specifically to the team’s requirements, including organisational, departmental and team goals.

As an ongoing 360 evaluation system, TEAMWORKS helps managers to measure and adjust their team’s activities, thus maintaining a high level of performance in the face of fast changing business demands.

Successful organisations depend on high-performing teams. Top teams trust TEAMWORKS to keep them on point.

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