Retailers are under pressure. Competition is keen across all platforms – from high-street to cyber-street. The race for the global retail dollar has never been been keener. With no clear sign of this situation easing, one possible set of outcomes is that new disruptive brands will emerge, backed by increasingly clever technology platforms. Successful retailers will need to capture and engage the hearts and minds of consumers, spoilt for choice and armed with the full power of a mouse click – and their employees will be the key to achieving this.

How do chief talent officers support corporate strategy by transforming employees into fully-engaged, brand ambassadors? And how do you harness the talent in your retail business to grow those vital management and leadership skills that drive individual and team performance? Retail businesses need tools and technologies to support the vital processes that support the performance and development of leaders and employees at all levels – and that are specific in design and content to the needs of each business.

TRACK technologies provide retail businesses with simple solutions, driven by powerful technologies.

Finely customisable 360 Degree Feedback, Performance Tracking and Appraisal, Coaching & Mentoring, Goal Setting, and Assessment & Development Centre solutions provide financial organisations with modular tools that support all the key people performance and development processes, and data to support investment decisions on reward, training, development, succession and promotion.

Retail companies who use Track technologies include Aurum Holdings, John Lewis and Waitrose.

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