What does the future hold for professional service firms? Free movement of talent across firms, borders, cultures and jurisdictions is here to stay. The search for high performing talent – and retaining that talent – is now the primary occupation of chief talent managers and strategic HR directors. Ambitious professional services organisations who want to be successful in a global market need tools and technologies to support the performance and development of employees at all levels – and that are specific in design and content to the organisation’s needs.

TRACK technologies provide Professional Services and Consulting organisations with simple solutions, driven by powerful technologies.

Fully customisable 360 Degree Feedback, Performance Tracking and Appraisal, Coaching & Mentoring, Goal Setting, and Assessment & Development Centre solutions provide financial organisations with modular tools that support all the key people performance and development processes, and data to support investment decisions on reward, training, development, succession and promotion.

Professional Services and Consulting organisations who use Track technologies include Ernst & Young, Evidera, Mercer College, Mannaz, Phaidon Capital, Wellers and Arcus IP.

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