An online tool that allows your people to get rich feedback on demand – it’s mobile, fast & employee driven.

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Graffiti Feedback: Key Information

  • Ask for (or give) feedback at anytime, any place
  • Get full rating reports
  • Reports available online
  • Choose from a pre-set question bank
  • Or add your organisation’s 360s
  • Ideal for mid or post project feedback
  • Desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile friendly

360 Feedback Just Got a Whole Lot Easier: Watch The Video

Graffiti Feedback is an online tool that combines the in-depth analysis of a traditional 360 Degree Feedback programme with the need for immediate, fast and on-demand feedback. Graffiti is ‘anytime’ feedback for employees and managers and can be accessed as and when needed.

Graffiti comes with pre-set 360 questionnaires so it’s ready to go, or it can be tailored to host your organisation’s own 360s. It’s adaptable and able to meet your needs.

Your employees can get feedback after a project, before a meeting with their manager, or in time for their appraisal meeting. Reports are viewed online with full charts, highlights and detailed feedback and it works brilliantly on desktops, laptops and all mobiles. Busy employees get feedback they need, when they need it, helping them to improve their skills and performance with immediate effect.

Leading organisations are re-thinking their approach to performance management, appraisal and goal-setting and a key element is moving to ongoing, rather than once-a-year performance discussions, with the use of 360 Degree Feedback. Graffiti 360 gives employees and managers the ability to track and continually re-align activities based on feedback from teams, reports and customers.

Your organisation can truly benefit from a focus on feedback, a light-touch 360 and an admin-free process for HR or Learning and Development teams.

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“This was a flexible and responsive service that met our needs. The Branded output allowed us to provide each individual with a personalised report. These acted as prompts for delegates to think about what development needs or actions could help them take the feedback forward”

Stephen Gyte, Learning and Development Director, Crowe Clarke Whitehill

“Graffiti has gone down really positively! Everyone likes the format of the feedbackand the report, and the feedback has been really helpful.”

John Hague, Learning and Development Manager, Sky Betting and Gaming

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