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Overcoming two big obstacles to effective performance management

A recent article* from the ATD reports on how organisations are rethinking performance management. Two of the three key issues with most performance management processes are identified as biased evaluations and infrequent feedback. The lack of engagement of employees is one outcome. The consequent poor data available to the organisation

Ten FAQs about 360 Degree Feedback (and the answers!)

With +17 years of experience, working with over 200 companies to design, set up and deliver lots of different 360s, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most commonly asked questions and the answers!  Here’s a short summary and you can request the full white paper, just drop us an

How leading organisations are using 360 Degree Feedback, every day.

360 Degree Feedback is a familiar tool in the kitbag of many coaches and talent managers. Over the past few years, we’ve noticed that 360 Degree Feedback is being used much more extensively and creatively than ever before.  Enabling 360 Degree Feedback technology Using a flexible 360 platform mean that

Three Big Mistakes to Avoid with 360 Degree Feedback

  I am still intrigued that after many years in use in organisations all over the world, there are still  instances where 360 Degree Feedback is used in completely the wrong way, and the for the wrong reasons. The latest gem is this one (from New Zealand*): it seems that

Can 360 Degree Feedback help improve Team Performance?

360 Degree Feedback is often seen as a process for giving feedback to individuals: we are often asked if 360 appraisal can also be useful in providing collective feedback, e.g. to a team as to how they are experienced by other stakeholders? Aggregating individual feedback data Many organisations are now


In a recent conversation with a client on 360 Feedback, we covered the tricky topic of balancing the need for free text comments against ensuring that those comments would be anonymous. The client had already run a number of 360’s for a number of participants using the Track 360 feedback.


In a recent report, the Aberdeen Consulting group in the US have found that there are correlations between organisations that perform well (in terms of performance and retention of staff) and who use assessments, and this includes 360 feedback, in a consistent way. One of the key drivers for using assessment tools is


A few months ago I attended a City HR Association* event, on ethics and integrity in the workplace. There were some fascinating insights and discussions on how we, as people professionals, can help to run our organisations in an ethical way – and this doesn’t just apply to the City.