Responding to 360 Degree Feedback


We all need feedback and we need better feedback more frequently – who could argue with that? But what do we do with the feedback we get?  And how can we as managers and leaders create a better culture and environment where our people can get more benefit from their

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We are pleased to confirm that Jo Ayoubi, Founder and Director of Track will be sharing her 360 Feedback experience and knowledge this year, with a programme of free Webinars. Each one will be highly informative, focusing on a specific area and giving solid insight, tips and advice about successfully running a 360

How does your team co-ordinate, and is it effective?

Team Interdependence Track 360 Degree Feedback

So much of our clients’ focus on performance is around teams and coaching them to be more self-aware and understand their dynamics. So, an article in HBR by Roger Schwarz, called Is Your Team Co-ordinating Too Much, or Not Enough caught my eye. By Jo Ayoubi The research by Roger

Best practices for 360 degree feedback


How can you use 360 degree feedback best practices to inform and motivate the people in your business? Here’s some guidelines that will get you on track to develop your workforce, empower your employees and bring about a step change in the culture of your organisation.  The work environment has

How to nurture valuable feedback from reluctant colleagues

Not everyone is comfortable in providing honest feedback, even people who have been in the organisation for a long time. They might look at development tools which use feedback as a management fad, perhaps something that can be used against them, or they may be nervous that they will simply

Using 360 feedback in SMEs: 10 things you must do


Large corporates have long had the resources and expertise to measure and manage employee performance – and even then, those processes have not always delivered results. Just look at all the big companies who are currently, and very publicly, re-evaluating the way they monitor and measure employee performance (Deloittes and

Goldman Sachs’ , feedback and effective performance


It was interesting to see that Goldman Sachs has changed its more complex performance review process to what is basically an ongoing 360 degree feedback. They found their employees were asking for more real-time feedback to support their performance and ongoing development:  feedback that is timely, constructive and actionable. The

True expertise and feedback


“True intuitive expertise is learned from prolonged experience with good feedback on mistakes”. Daniel Kahneman    

Big data seems too big: can we benefit from the data we already have?

If you’re a professional working in  HR, Training or Talent development, it’s worth considering how data that’s automatically gathered during a process like 360 Degree Feedback can be used and combined with other data offer to obtain new insights and opportunities. A simple individual 360 feedback report can contain useful

360 Degree Feedback Design: Why You Should Always Include an ‘Unable To Rate’ option


  Over the past 15 years of designing and implementing 360 Degree Feedback, we’ve seen a lot of different approaches to this basically simple process.  One of the key items to include is a rating point for raters to choose if they are unable to rate their colleague, e.g. ‘Unable to