Big data seems too big: can we benefit from the data we already have?

If you’re a professional working in  HR, Training or Talent development, it’s worth considering how data that’s automatically gathered during a process like 360 Degree Feedback can be used and combined with other data offer to obtain new insights and opportunities.


A simple individual 360 feedback report can contain useful data for the individual, but with the right technology tools, this can be aggregated with  (from performance reviews , satisfaction and engagement surveys,

When the 360 Degree Feedback is run using online data capture, your 360 system should be able to help you to combine the results with other data and create new insights for your clients. Here’s an example:

Identifying leadership potential and succession

An organisation in the professional services sector was looking for insights on leadership potential and whether they had the people with the right leadership skills to be able to take on critical roles in the following 1-2 years.  This was a strategic imperative and something that was critical in a highly competitive and fast-changing professional services sector.

By combining 360 feedback data, development centre ratings and other data, the client was able to rate each candidate on a scale of readiness for a leadership role.

They were then able to identify candidates who were ready for a leadership role, those who needed more development, and critically, people who would not be put forward for future development at this high level.  The information helped the organisation to target its efforts in the most strategic and cost-effective way.