A Brief History of Track



Track was founded in 2000 by Jo Ayoubi, a learning and development professional, and Steve Walsh, a technology expert. Fifteen years on, Track is a key supplier of HR and Development technology applications worldwide.

We were fortunate in the early days to be selected to design and implement 360 feedback systems for large corporates, including a major UK newspaper group. We have since delivered bespoke HR and development technology solutions to large, medium-sized and small clients worldwide. In 2005, we implemented our first global 360-Degree feedback programme – a bespoke management tool, delivered online in ten languages, for 2500 managers across Europe. Our client was a global technology company, with whom we still work closely today.

In 2009 we launched the Track 360 Self-Managed service, which transformed the functionality of our flagship 360 application. Clients benefited from managing the feedback systems in-house, giving them full control over the process. Clients also benefited from significant cost savings.

Track Headway, launched in 2011, boosted our portfolio of high-performance products. A fully-customisable performance review tool, Headway, provides bespoke performance reviews, with multiple levels of authorisation, feedback and sign-off. Further applications followed. Track Scoreboard, a candidate information analysis and reporting tool for assessment centres, was launched in 2013.

2015 marked a major milestone in the history of Track. Track Surveys was rebranded as Track Research. Our flagship 360 Degree Feedback system has been rebranded as Track 360, and evolving our solutions to match our clients’ changing needs is an ongoing work-in-progress.