Welcome to Track and 360G5™: One platform, multiple assessments

Track is a UK-based Talent technology company, delivering online solutions to clients in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, the USA and Africa.

All our 360 Degree Feedback software and online tools are built on the Track 360G5™ Platform.

Track 360G5™ supports key talent and HR processes, including:

360 Degree Feedback
Performance Appraisal
Goal Setting & Tracking
Assessment & Development Centre Reporting
Bespoke Organisation Surveys

Track 360G5™ can be fully customised to drive employee, team and organisational performance. This flexible and adaptable 360 evaluation tool enables companies to achieve sustained employee engagement and performance.

We work closely with our clients to create online HR and Talent tools that are:

• Engaging: encouraging users with clear and attractive designs
• Bespoke: matching the organisation’s exact needs
• Flexible: easily updated and scaled as the organisation changes and grows


360 Degree Feedback at Fujitsu

David Curran, Head of Management Development, Fujitsu UK, Ireland & EMEA, discusses how Fujitsu is supporting Management Excellence & Behaviour Change with the Track 360G5™ system and support.