Track 360G5™: Fully customisable 360 Degree Feedback. Because every organisation is different.

Track 360G5™ is a online platform for creating and delivering bespoke 360 Degree Feedback that aligns exactly with your organisation’s needs, delivering bespoke talent, development, assessment and performance metrics.




Other feedback tools on the Track platform include:
Graffiti Feedback: A fast, fresh approach to 360 for young, fast-growing companies
Accomplish: Online goal-setting, tracking and feedback to simplify and energise performance appraisal
Scoreboard: An online assessment/development centre tool that can significantly reduce running costs

For more information or advice on implementation, or to use any of the Track tools on a trial basis, please call our team on +44 (20) 8360 4455.


Video Case Study: Supporting Management Excellence at Fujitsu with Track 360G5

David Curran, Head of Management Development, Fujitsu UK, Ireland & EMEA, discusses how Fujitsu is supporting Management Excellence & Behaviour Change with the Track 360G5™ system and support.