Track 360 is an online 360 Degree Feedback delivery system that you can customise exactly to your organisation’s requirements

What Our Clients Say

“We use Track 360 feedback to help our new managers understand how they need to develop themselves to manage clients, teams and engagements more effectively. I like the way the Track 360 Team worked with us to develop a bespoke way of using 360 feedback as part of a development program we offer globally to our people. They are fast and flexible and always have the client needs first and foremost in their sights."
Gill Todd, Learning Leader, Transactions Advisory Services, EMEIA Area at Ernst & Young

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Case Studies

Track 360 is extremely flexible and can be customised to match your organisation’s specific management, leadership or talent outcomes. As well as being able to customise the 360 questionnaires, the process can be tailored to the needs of the organisation. Reports can also be set up to reflect your branding and reporting needs.

Here are some of the way in which Track 360 has been used.

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Facts and Figures

Track 360:
-Has been used by over 10,000 global users in 2014 alone
-Has been used by 100,000 employees, managers and leaders since the year 2000
-Has supported key development and performance activities in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the US
-Is used to deliver bespoke 360 in over 30 languages, including Polish, French, Spanish (Spain and Brazil), Mandarin Chinese, Dutch, Malaysian, and Thai.

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